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There’s nothing like hitting the open road on your motorcycle and feeling the wind on your face. However, if you’re relocating to a home far away, traveling to the new house on your bike may not be feasible, especially if you have a family. And, let’s face it, motorcycles are relatively heavy, so it’s not practical to pack one onto the back of a moving truck. Sure, you could tow it yourself, but there’s always a risk of damaging it during the long trip.

So, what option does that leave? Well, in this case, motorcycle transport using a reputable auto transport company like nationwide car shippers is your best bet. Shipping a motorcycle is the easiest, least stressful way to ensure your bike makes it to the new location in good shape. Yet, there are also other reasons you may need motorcycle transport services, such as you’re selling the bike to an individual in another place. Regardless of why you need these services, there are some things you should do to ensure the process goes smoothly. The following information will discuss everything you need to know about motorcycle shipping.

Nationwide Car Shippers tips for shipping Motorcycles

Here are three tips to keep in mind before shipping your motorcycle:

Choose A Reputable Company

Many people consider their bikes one of their most valued possessions. So, are you going to trust just anyone handling your Harley motorcycle transport? Probably not, and for a good reason. Anytime you are shipping expensive vehicles, you should always choose a reputable company.

So, the best place to begin the process is by conducting plenty of research. You’ll want to look for a company that has lots of good online reviews and is fully insured in the event that your bike is damaged during its journey.

Reliable motorcycle towing companies like Nationwide Car Shippers utilize life gates to make unloading and loading safe and seamless. Furthermore, avoid companies that want to ship your motorcycle on pallets or in crates. Though this is a popular way to move motorcycles, it can make the overall cost more expensive. The last thing to keep in mind when choosing reliable motorcycle towing near you is to avoid the brokers! When you go to google and type in “reputable motorcycle towing near me” almost every site that pops up is auto shipping brokers not carriers. You want a carrier that will be responsible for your Harley motorcycle transport from start to finish.


Understand The Difference Between Enclosed And Open Transport

There are two options when it comes to motorcycle transport – enclosed trailers or open haulers. Understanding what each one is will help you make an informed decision that fits your needs.

Open transport is just what it sounds like – your motorcycle is securely placed on an open trailer. This transport method is less expensive, but you must know that your bike will be subjected to road and weather elements during the trip, which may cause harm.

If you’re looking for the best protection, then we recommend going with enclosed motorcycle transport. Opting for this method means your bike will be secured inside of an enclosed trailer, so the weather and tie-downs will not present any danger to the bike’s paint or other components.

Be Sure To Prepare Your Motorcycle For Shipment

When preparing your motorcycle for transport, you’ll want to begin by cleaning the entire bike, down to the wheels. Cleaning your bike before handing it over to the transport company will make it easier for you to notice any scratches or chips that must be documented before shipment.

The next step is to check the tire pressure, fluids, and battery. Be sure to top any of these off if needed. And don’t forget to tightly secure or remove any loose items, as well as disable the alarm if one’s present.

The final step to preparing your motorcycle is to leave only about a quarter of a tank of gas. Since you’ll be saving miles on your odometer, it’s suggested that you only leave enough fuel to get the bike on and off the trailer.

What Is The Cost To Ship A Motorcycle?

The cost to ship a motorcycle will vary depending on specific factors and the carrier that you choose. Here are some of the critical things that affect motorcycle transport costs:

  • Transport type:As we mentioned you will have the choice between open and enclosed transport. Though open transport is the least expensive method, we suggest enclosed shipping because it protects the bike from the sun, rain, and dirt.
  • Motorcycle weight and size:Generally, the larger the chopper, the more expensive the transport cost. Even though motorcycles don’t usually vary as much as other vehicles, it still affects the price. For example, shipping a Suzuki M1800 will be less expensive than Harley motorcycle transport.
  • Distance:The price increases the further the bike is shipped. So, sending a bike a couple of hundred miles may be as cheap as $500, but a cross-country trip will cost at least twice that price.
  • Route: Remember that you pay based on how far and long the carrier has to drive rather than how the crow flies. According to a map, the trip may only be 700 miles, but this doesn’t account for traffic jams, construction, or road closures.
  • The number of motorcycles: Most motorcycle shipping companies offer discounts on a shipment of multiple motorcycles. So if you and your friends are looking to meet up at a show or bike course, consider shipping all of the bikes at the same time using the same carrier.
  • Seasonality: Auto transport is a supply and demand business. The best deals are usually available during the slower months (winter), and you can expect to pay more during the busier season (summer).

In the end, if you’re looking to transport your bike when riding it to the next location isn’t an option, choose a reputable motorcycle transport company to put your mind at ease. Though shipping your ride will cost some money, it’s one investment that’s well with the cost!

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